Against the international standards, take the initiative to comply with industry laws and regulations

Release time | 2017.12.26

 Since its establishment, the company has strived to make high-quality products and has considered quality the bedrock of its development, even its very existence. The company has systematically built a function system for quality regulation that guarantees seamless communication with the relevant state centralized management departments and rapid response to changes in quality regulations. The company's systems are divided into domestic and international regulations. Every year, the company confirms its compliance with laws and regulations and complies 100% with the requirements of said laws and regulations.

In accordance with laws, regulations, and relevant standards, UE Furniture has established a strict quality guarantee system, the “Comprehensive Quality Management System”, which lays down relevant internal standards and ensures that production is in line with “Law on Product Quality”, “Law on safe production”, and other laws and regulations, as well as leading international standards.

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